Monday, August 10, 2009

Life at the ZOO!!!

We went to Salt Lake this past weekend! We had so much fun! I love that the kids love riding the elevators and escalators more than anything. I love that the tall buildings were entertainment. I love that they begged to spend more time at Temple Square! When you live in Wyoming, Downtown Salt Lake City is really an eye opener!


  1. Holy crap, you have a mini me in your oldest. Since I knew you best when you were the mini me, I'm still freaking out at the whole 6 kids thing. But it looks good on you.

  2. Hi Jamie!!
    I just connected to your blog through Facebook - how ever that worked!
    Any ways... What an adorable family you have. I can't believe how big they are.

    Keep in touch!

  3. I can't believe how big your kids are!!! You all look great!

  4. Looks like fun. Your kids are growing up fast!