Friday, October 9, 2009


I always dreamed (when I was growing up) that I would have a lot of boys. I've had three, each one totally different...but the same! This post I want to share the baby boy. In these childhood dreams of mine, I always fantasized that my boys would be best friends and do everything together. Broden, Kaxton and Kelby have yet to be "best friends" but I think they are on their way. Broden and Kelby have a special relationship, Kelby waits for Broden to come home off the bus every day, he loves to play with him and fight with him and tell on him......
Kelby is feisty

Kelby is soooo sweet

and smart! What a joy he has been in just these fun two years we have had him!

He is all boy and so funny. Currently his favorite things are: Veggie Tales, turkey sandwiches, playing "guys" with Broden, and snuggling in bed with Momma!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

By The Way....We Choose to Live Here.....

October first....however....last year this storm came on Labor day, so who am I to complain?