Monday, August 31, 2009

Things are crazy right now, not just crazy, insane!!!! What was I thinking? Six children, full time school, full time work, gymnastics, volleyball, scouts, homework, sick babies, potty training, and on and on and onnnnnn. Last night as I finished a quiz in psychology and read a chapter of my Anatomy and Physiology, I was feeling so overwhelmed. (I know...on Sunday...Sorry Mom) When I finally emerged from the office, Kevin had put everyone to bed, folded Six loads of laundry, wiped down the kitchen, cleaned the living room.....need I say more? He just smiled at me, asked me how I did and we went to bed. I know that there is no way we could get clear through graduate school if he was a typical husband. He is the cream of the crop, he loves me unconditionally, (even in the throws of postpartum depression), he's an amazing daddy, he is HOT and Sexy, thus the six kids! Here's to you HON! I love you! Thanks for being my babies Daddy!

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