Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Lovely Little Valley

This picture was taken on a rainy June afternoon this year. Kevin and I were on a drive trying to dispel some of my Baby Blues and stress from the classes I am taking to get ready for Nursing school. But the reason I posted this picture is not because of that particular memory, it is because this was the last day that I can remember really looking at summer and the Green, Fertility of it all. Oh how we love our beautiful valley! It's quiet, it's quaint, it's....lovely! Now that this summer semester is finally over and I think I did pretty well (U.S. Government...YUCK!). Now I can really enjoy this short summer season with my kids. I have all sorts of plans, the first of which is to go to the library and check out a purely empty and enjoyable Novel!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The First Boy Scout....

I have a really hard time with Scouts....please excuse me from this problem, as I was raised in a home with just girls. I have no idea what to do with all of the patches and pins and there seems to be such a huge amount of tasks to perform...and I am LAZY! Regardless, my oldest just loves Cub Scouts. He loves all of the activities and Pack Meetings. So aside from my obvious distaste for actually having to be a good mom and encouraging advancement in Scouts...He did it! He is officially a Boy Scout! Off with the Blue Shirt and on with the tan...

I realized last night that I have yet to take a picture of my darling first boy in all of his Cub Scout glory. his last Cub Scout Pack meeting last night, I took a few pictures of him fully enjoying scouts!

Broden turned Eleven last week! Just to prove to me that he was growing up he asked for a triple layer Chocolate Cake for his birthday instead of his customary...Castle Cake, or Super Hero Cake...Those days are over for this Boy! He is now too big for that kind of nonsense, bring on the Yummy cakes baby!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is our JOY!

Reece Tenney


7lbs. 5oz.
This is Reece today! I got at least three compliments on how adorable she is today! Even our somewhat snobby Orthodontist said she belonged on a cover of a magazine! She is a fun baby!